the path forward

When we come across a change in our life direction, we may be facing a new path altogether leading back toward the heart/mind of our Higher Consciousness. This is the point where the gap between our two planes of consciousness separates: Consciousness of Form and Consciousness of Energy (your Higher Consciousness). The Consciousness of Form is what drives our lower consciousness in our daily lives as humans on the Earth plane. Our Higher Consciousness (Consciousness of Energy) is that part of us that is eternal and is the expression of our Authentic Being. 

When we reach this almighty chasm we are on the brink of a new path of self-knowing. And, although this is the point of departure from one direction, it is also the point of unification in the other. 

This break from the Con-of-Form is a difficult one because it asks us to change our way of being entirely. Perhaps not all in one fell swoop, but it can feel that way in the beginning as we learn to adapt to this new way of being, perceiving, acting, feeling, and behaving. We are essentially disconnecting from a way of thinking that we’ve been taught throughout our lifetime (most of us, not all of us). And that is the rational, logical mindset that most of us have adapted our life to. 

This new path asks something else from us which is quite the opposite. It asks us to forget this mindset of rational and logical and adapt to a new mode of perceiving, thinking, being, acting, feeling and behaving. 

As you stand at the brink of this great chasm between the Con-of-Form and the Con-of-Energy the process itself allows for you to adapt to the heart/mind of your Higher Consciousness. This means the mind no longer overrules the heart. It no longer leads the way forward, but rather it is the heart/mind that takes over the steering committee. 

Adapting to this new mindset can be quite disconcerting as it asks us to stop thinking logically and start feeling your way through life’s conundrums and challenges. It also asks something quite rich and quite deep from you, which can be one of the greatest challenges you face on your path forward: To TRUST. Trust not only yourself in such matters of loss and confusion, but TRUST the PROCESS. The Process is, after all, the life experience—the journey back to Self-Harmony. 

The tools we are given can be broken down into 3 parts: 

  1. Self-Love 
  1. Self-Worth 
  1. Self-Knowing 

Everything you will undertake will be composed of these three tools, which will help you determine your place on the map. Pain and Suffering will reveal itself as the experience of LACK when these three tools are in disharmony. Your endeavor to understand the SOURCE of this lack will guide you forward and be your salve for transcending the great chasm back to Self-Harmony. 

In the face of logic, you will be asked to reconsider. 

In the face of rationalization, you will be asked to deny. 

This Self-Awareness process will require your trust and understanding of the events taking place in your life. 

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  1. Dear Pamela Meadows, I am very appreciative of your encouragement to trust the process. The sojourn requires, occasional blindness, breathing and finding tree trunks in our hands along the way. Trusting us and ours to hope, health, happiness and harmony.


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