the authentic you:your role as an evolutionist

Through humanity’s expansive journey of conscious evolution there comes a point in time, after a great period of conscious growth, when your self-awareness shifts into high gear. This is the point at which you cross the line from a state of lack to a state of wholeness, or your Authentic Self.  

Upon this milestone of your personal evolution, you transcend your lower levels of awareness and merge with your higher awareness. As you gradually become an expression of your Authentic Self, you begin to align with life’s evolutionary cycle while assisting others along their journey towards their Authentic Self. In doing so, you step into the Evolutionist role in aiding humanity’s conscious evolution. Let’s take a closer look at what this means.  

To further your self-understanding life offers three core behaviors that serve to bring awareness to your true nature. It’s through this ingenious playground of emotional opposites that we learn what our true nature is and what it is not. This is expressed through three emotional tools of lack, (i.e., that which you are not), and can be defined as follows: lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, and lack of self-knowing.  

Every emotional dysfunction, every self-abuse, every consciously harmful act against another is an expression of lack. All actions of lack lead to pain and suffering, which is why becoming self-aware is of vital importance.   

As you rise through your evolutionary cycles, these core behaviors will be triggered through your relationships, actions, and emotional responses. Negative responses bring awareness to areas in your self-understanding that need attention. Thus, the three emotional tools of lack serve you for this purpose. All of us have experienced emotional triggers caused by these core lacks at some time in our life. It is the evolutionary path guiding us onward and upward toward our Authentic Self. 

As you learn to raise your awareness by transcending these areas of lack through deliberate attention to your life process, you eventually step into the shoes of wholeness, or your Authentic Self, where the state of lack is no longer within your emotional palette.  

Once you have transmuted the three tools of lack into the driving force of conscious evolution, you can effectively say you are a Being of Wholeness. This means every action and response is an expression of your Authentic Self at the highest level of Self-Awareness, which is experienced as a state of balance on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. It’s a foundation built upon self-trust and self-fortitude. Actions and behaviors of the Authentic Self serve not only yourself, but also all others concerned.  

As this is a most wonderous state to be in, though not without its monumental challenges, you begin to recognize your personal growth through your interactions with others and your emotional responses in all areas of life.  

For example, your emotional responses will be driven by self-understanding as opposed to self-sabotage, which is an expression of lack of self-worth and/or self-love. Experiences such as jealousy or control over others, selfishness or unworthiness begin to fall away. In fact, everything changes, from the choices you make, to the foods you eat, to the way you spend your time, to the people you hold dear. Everything within your life experience takes on an authentic patina. 

Recognizing your new state of awareness is important to your new evolutionary role. As an Authentic Being, you become a leader for humanity’s conscious evolution. Since the Authentic Self is in alignment with “life seeking balance”, you become the rebalancing agent, so to speak, as you serve to rebalance “energy gone astray”. Therefore, actions of lack that require a response will be emotionally charged. In contrast to actions and behaviors of lack by others, the Authentic Self responds in a fashion that serves all concerned. Additionally, inaction is not a choice of the Authentic Self unless it’s particularly appropriate to the circumstances. Otherwise, you will be doing yourself a disservice and will feel its emotional dissonance. 

This is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of self-understanding to respond according to your highest self-regard while being challenged by another’s behavior of lack. 

As an evolutionary agent, there will be times in your interaction with others that will require “hard love”. Initially in these moments you will experience guilt. This guilty resonance is in part due to a lack of understanding of your new evolutionary role. This experience is an opportunity to recognize that you are transcending to the highest expression of Self. In doing so, while executing an appropriate response as per the Authentic Self, which serves to drive conscious evolution, you are now acting against the true nature of your being, (your Authentic Self), and thus guilt comes into play. In other words, you don’t want to have to play hardball. It’s not in your true nature. 

For example, let’s say your neighbor’s dog barks all day and most of the night without any reprimand from its owner. The situation persists for weeks. Eventually it becomes an unacceptable situation for you and the rest of the community. The situation needs to be managed, but no one is willing to step up to the plate. For the sake of your sanity, you are compelled to call the authorities for assistance. Guilt and fear of retaliation will enter the picture at this stage. Yet, despite numerous efforts on your part, the barking persists. Now, you take it one step further and try to communicate directly with your neighbor. Again, you wish you did not have to play this role, so guilt again resurfaces. The confrontation, however, proves to be ineffective so you again call the authorities. Eventually, your efforts pay off but not without a great deal of persistence on your part, despite your non-confrontational nature. This was a very uncomfortable and challenging experience for you and represents an example of your new evolutionary role. Once the situation is resolved, guilt no longer plays a part.  

Since ignorance may serve as the emotional abyss that drives humanity’s conscious evolution, guilt, in this case, serves as a signpost for you to look more deeply within yourself to fully understand the true nature of your being. The new cloak of the Authentic Self can take some getting used to. What it means and how it feels and behaves is an important part of the honeymoon period with the Authentic Self.  

Compassion for yourself in this magnificent new role is vital to the growth process. Thus, recognizing unsavory emotions such as guilt informs you where you stand on the evolutionary scale, and reflects to you that more needs to be understood about your new role.  

Questioning your actions, behaviors, and the state of your emotions is a great opportunity to self-reflect and is a natural part of the awareness process. Remember that your Authentic Self has the mandate to counter-balance lack toward wholeness in the evolution of humanity’s consciousness on this Earth. This becomes your new role as humanity’s Evolutionist. This is the Authentic You. 

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