reflections during a pandemic


Learning to love in a new authentic way, especially someone you’re already used to loving, can at first feel like war. This makes sense. The old cemented family patterns, generational wounds, and pre-programmed behaviors are dying, killed off by the light of new growth and healing. Hence freedom is built on the backs of those sacrificed in battle. Except this time there is no enemy other than the fear that is leaving you and all those you are freeing.

Drop all expectation and march gallantly into the unknown. Seek truth as if your life depended on it. Find meaning rather than pleasure. Choose love rather than being right. And when I’ve figured this out, these words will stop flowing. Rather, it will be alive and breathing inside me, unearthed with each silent glance.

If you are angry today: feel. Do not silence the stirring within. The illusions of this propaganda have come to an apex. But do not let the anger morph into hate. For you cannot hate something you do not love. So do not let your hatred misguide you into a false allegiance. Choose wisely. let your mind and body be sovereign. Choose love.


Pray for peace, yes. But also pray for awakening, to be stirred deep within the depths of soul, to be able to see beyond the illusions of this world, beyond the psychological operations, beyond the intentional yet subtle tactics of division through the illusion of “liberalism”, “spiritualism”, or “woke culture”. Hence justice is only palpable through the magical alchemy of self-realization and forgiveness. And of course, radical accountability. But accountability cannot be birthed through force, or by some ostentatious idea of restoring mathematical balance to a fallen world. Accountability is more than virtue signaling and social justice campaigns. It is not about the labels we don, the letters attributed to our pronouns, the layers of our intersectional identity that describes the particular ways we ‘ve been wronged by society or our partners or by the imperial roots of the modern era. Yes, these things do have their place and part in this conversation. But justice cannot be known by the logic of human standards. Its ingredients can only be cultivated through daily practice: by the way we speak to strangers. By the way we share our table during supper. By the way we address our offenders, that even they may know a grace that is not of this world. For they too were once offended, perhaps more than many times. Therefore, justice and accountability are only known through revelation, as we draw closer in relationship with the original intent of our Creator. For before the altar we all fall short.


Let us take good care of our bodies and strengthen our natural immunity. Our daily habits to take care of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is the most important thing to cultivate. Let us take good care and that we have full freedom to choose what is best for us. Let us never give up that freedom, to anyone or any system or any ideology. Let us never give up our ability to critically examine, through our gifts of mind, heart, and intuition, and not be swayed by fear or repetitive regurgitation of disinformation.

Build a strong foundation inside by building conviction in the sanctity of our bodies, of life as a whole. We are not to be swayed by the relentless winds of disinformation, deception, or disillusionment. We turn off the chatter of the mainstream news or radio or social media and turn our eyes and ear inward. May we understand that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully designed, created in the highest order. We are not to hijack its natural healing ability through some measure of pseudoscience disguised as “compassion”, “medical integrity”, or “civil responsibility”. So let us take care of ourselves extra well during this time. Our immune response is controlled by our nervous system. Our nervous system is controlled by our minds. Our minds are controlled by our beliefs and convictions. So let us be convicted of good.


De-mystify yourself. Allow others to truly see you, when the time is right. When the healing has come to an adequate stage. Be raw, unfettered, exposed, clunky. Life can be a walk in the park even if you have a sprained ankle.

I hope your work feels like play and your play feels like the real you.

Radical joy is an act of rebellion in a land and time of tyranny and illusion. To commit to joy is to commit to truth. To demand the freedom to think, to love, and to question anything that tries to stifle these fundamentally human elements.


It’s easy to feel lost in today’s hyper-connected, drive-thru society. We can still our minds by connecting to our hearts and gut through our breath, through song, through laughter, through creating intentional space as we give up our need to be “right” and choose to listen, really listen, first. We may then realize that our most authentic joy can be accessed anytime, anywhere. From this place lies our wellspring of creativity and unshakeable peace. Much like the calm waters beneath the violent surface of the storm, so too we find our solace inside the our innermost palace.

Do not fear the silence. Sit with it just a few seconds longer beyond your comfort and you will be transported to the place of pure imagination. From there you will listen, and weep, and your new stillness will vibrate with colors you’ve never tasted before.

Care not what they say to you. Especially what you say to you during the quietest, most barren of nights.

Feel without holding. Think without judging. Love without controlling. This is the start of alchemy.

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