On Life On Life

death: The bittersweet teacher of life

Death, the hauntingly tragic sister to life, nudges us to contemplate a forbidding reality we often shy away from. Our varying experiences as humans may shape our circumstances differently and grant us varying degrees of opportunities or rights, but the one thing we all have in common is our fated ending. No one is greater … Continue Reading

Self Mastery Self Mastery


Daydreaming isn’t just for the seemingly unruly school kids anymore. It is surprisingly beneficial to our mental health and productivity. As we get older and our lives become increasingly demanding, you might find it harder to positively get lost in your thoughts. For years I stopped daydreaming, not realizing it until I was in a … Continue Reading

Letters to Humanity Letters to Humanity

The Unintentional Gypsy 

The morning broke into stillness. The rising moment was like a searing silence in the heart. A kind of peace one is mostly unfamiliar with, except in times of extreme joy. Autumn’s musk filled the air around me, as the opening rays of the sun danced on the blanket of wet dewdrops spread across the … Continue Reading

On Life On Life

Shades of Life

Disclaimer: This article contains references to disturbing childhood experiences. Reader discretion is advised. Fear is a powerful emotion that shapes our behavior and can dictate the way that we live our lives.  For those of us trapped in a cycle of fear, the pain can be relentless. I have lived with fear since early childhood, … Continue Reading

On Life On Life

Finding Home

The things that make me feel safe and sound are mostly immaterial. Genuine conversations; freedom; music; being deeply understood. Physical objects rarely bring me comfort, but I do find myself fiercely protecting a short list of a few tangible tokens. Tasty, nutritious food; a balanced home; a distraction-free workspace; plants; unique pieces of art. Take … Continue Reading

360 Mental Health 360 Mental Health

investigating mental health labels and diagnoses

Our minds naturally like things in neat, tidy boxes. Our brains crave organizing things into categories and labeling them. It often makes life easier, helps things make more sense, and can potentially help us create more meaning and fun as it affords us the space to think and feel in an orderly way.   What happens … Continue Reading

Social Impact Social Impact

the new imagination of mental health

The World Health Organization says mental health disorders are responsible for more disability in developed nations than ANY other health problem. The paradigm of mental wellness is slowly shifting to be more inclusive of various cultures, age groups, and even indigenous wisdom to some degree.   The traditional perspective of mental health is being challenged by … Continue Reading

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