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Self Mastery Self Mastery

dealing with criticism

Criticism, the disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes, can be so damaging that it can be considered a cancer in the mind.This cancer of criticism can launch different thought processes that initiate stress reactions and … Continue Reading

Original Code Original Code

the dreaming self

Time has revealed dream phenomena as paradoxical realms that are highly resistant to empirical investigation. Dreams fascinate, mesmerize us, and pique our curiosity, namely because they appear so diametrically opposed to waking life.  They violate the laws of physics without … Continue Reading

Letters to Humanity Letters to Humanity


I’m lying in bed and wake up to the sound of rain. It’s a cold Spring, the rain is icy and it’s a holiday. The sound of the rain brings a feeling of duality. Feelings of coziness and the knowledge … Continue Reading

Ethical Tech Ethical Tech

video games and the aging mind: can super mario improve your brain?

For decades, video games have been touted as a juvenile endeavor only sought out by the young. However, according to a recent AARP survey, 45% of people 50 or older are gamers. This growing interest in gaming among older adults … Continue Reading

Self Mastery Self Mastery

Ego: The Block to Happiness

We’ve all likely heard of the word “ego”. In the mainstream, it is used to describe inflated self-confidence. However, the origin of the concept founded in psychology was proposed by Freud, and defined as the sense of self or what … Continue Reading

360 Mental Health 360 Mental Health


The age-old struggle of body image issues has introduced many concepts over the years, notably body positivity. Body neutrality, by contrast, is a fairly new mindset that challenges the idea of body positivity. While body positivity centers around the idea … Continue Reading

360 Mental Health 360 Mental Health

earthing and grounding for health

*This article is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Lately, I’ve been finding myself constantly using technology for work and play.  I wonder, is this affecting my health? The other day, I put … Continue Reading

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