self mastery

  • Provide practical guidelines towards reaching a specific goal or intention:
    1. Define the crisis or need
    2. Offer a clear way out
    3. Must be based on personal experience or verifiable research
  • Start and end with at least one paragraph of context. Provide a brief background of the topic or personal story.

on life

  • Speak from the heart
  • Personal stories and/or organized stream of consciousness
  • Must have unique literary quality inspired by deep conviction and self-reflection

ethical Tech

  • Reviews or spotlights on new or existing technology that would impact the human condition or natural environment in a profound way.
  • Must have a discerning, critical eye for analyzing benefits vs. potential pitfalls of the technology. 
  • May offer best practices on the uses of technology in general or a specific product

360 Mental Health

  • More than traditional perspectives of mental health
  • Based on sound research or personal experience/perspective applied in a broader context (working with clients, observing repeated patterns in personal relationships and society, etc.)
  • Perspectives will usually not align with the traditional medical model
  • Ideas will include the human being as a whole person – mind, body, emotion, and spirit – and will often have a sociocultural component.

Social Impact

  • Balanced perspectives on social, cultural, political, economic, or global issues
  • Can include a critique or investigation of messages circulating throughout society
  • Balanced fact-checking with deep-dive research
  • Must be as un-biased as possible, not adhering to any particular political agenda

the original code: art x science x spirit

  • Ideas that integrate the scientific with the spiritual
  • Anything that helps us understand the mystery of nature, the cosmos, our human design (both inner and outer), and the universal patterns of intelligence and natural design throughout the world and beyond

Letters to Humanity

  • Letters to the innermost space that all humans share
  • Written in a poetic, visionary, and/or stream-of-consciousness style

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