Have you ever felt lost and needed direction of where you were headed? You may have felt alone, but you weren’t. Everyone will, at some point in their lives, experience times of uncertainty, adventure, or ambiguity — it’s simply part of being human.

When I feel lost, I use Tarot as one of my tools for guidance. The cards always speak to me. Tarot is about using a uniquely designed set of cards to discover the knowledge hidden in you. It is a practice of gaining insightful wisdom that can provide us with clarity. I always wonder if the cards come from my interpretation or a divine power. It is an unexplained phenomenon, but I know the cards always help me when needed.

My First Reading

I’ve always been surrounded by Tarot and Oracle users. I know many people who own tarot and oracle decks — many belonging to my own family. My first reading was several years ago, before I ever came out as Queer. I asked my cousin to read the cards. My family was there, so I needed to discreetly phrase my questions. I asked the cards how I could overcome my fears of a problem I was confronting. The problem was accepting my sexuality. 

The cards perfectly laid out my entire journey in a three-card spread, including my past of denial, fear, and shame. The last card struck me because it was about celebration. The card’s illustration showed someone rising with a rainbow behind. 

It felt like a coincidence, but I knew it wasn’t. While it still took me many years to come out, the reading was a cathartic step in accepting myself. And now that I have, I have manifested the card’s lesson.

My Friend’s Readings

My friend has read me several times and provided support for my journey. Our readings always frustrated me because the cards said I couldn’t love myself. I had an issue with self-love, and I always received the same cards. 

This is how I know Tarot and Oracle to be true for me: For almost ten readings, how could I receive some of the same cards in a deck of 78 cards? And the cards were absolutely correct: I have a problem with loving myself. I needed to hear this because though I already knew I struggled with self-love,,, receiving a divine reading was the affirmation I needed.

I am slowly taking the time to love myself. I struggle with it, like everyone else. Still, the readings inspired me to take deliberate actions to appreciate myself more.

Reading Myself

Since the cards always surrounded me, I decided to read myself. I don’t have an explanation for why the cards work, but they always have. Reading Oracle or Tarot cards is something I usually do. Whenever I am facing the crossroads, I am drawn by the cards. Even recently, I felt very anxious about my future, so I decided to open a new deck. 

The cards told me travel and adventure awaited me. While this can be about anything, it directly applies to what I was worried about. I applied for a new job and had the final interview. After the interview, a week later, I was offered a role at Google. There was a time when the cards told me I needed to move on, and I wasn’t awarded a leadership position. While I was heartbroken, the cards were correct that I needed to move on and find something more worthwhile. 

Mental health has always been a struggle for me, but reading Tarot and Oracle cards has honestly supported my journey. Tarot doesn’t replace traditional therapy and proper mental health treatment. The key is that Tarot or Oracle isn’t about telling the future or receiving outside guidance. Rather, the cards help me gain clarity, connect me with my innermost self, and help me find discernment with challenging decisions. Ultimately, it helped me accept myself more deeply and completely. Because of that, I know the cards will always be there when I feel alone or isolated to help guide me back home.


  1. Dear Zane Ladin, thank you for drawing us into your story of courage, transformation and self compassion. I’ve had affirming experiences with The Tao de Ching’s oracles based on tossing coins and an encyclopedia of responses. “With what attitude should I approach…….?” Working through a personalized interpretation yields both openness and direction. We take ownership of the question, the doorway and the compass. Trusting us and ours to hope, health, happiness and harmony.


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