earthing and grounding for health

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Lately, I’ve been finding myself constantly using technology for work and play.  I wonder, is this affecting my health? The other day, I put in a pretty busy workday at my desk and at the end of my day felt tense and stressed.  This was generated from multiple factors that included sitting or standing at a desk for prolonged periods at time, staring continuously at a screen with blue light rays, Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) emanating from the computer, and the brain work it required  to focus and perform. 

Humans thrive when their bioenergetic elements are balanced.  These bioenergetic elements consist of sleep, nutrition, movement, stress, emotional mastery, mindset, relationships, community, and purpose. If the bioenergetic elements become imbalanced, the body will manifest symptoms that can have a negative impact on our health.  One symptom of imbalance is inflammation, which hinders cell regeneration and causes accelerated aging. Earthing and grounding are proven techniques to recalibrate and balance human energy levels. 

To bring the body back to balance, we may use a holistic therapy technique called Earthing. Earthing is a natural way to eliminate excess energy absorbed from the environment and the various electronic devices and technology that are utilized throughout the day.  Earthing is a basic process of making direct body contact with the Earth sans any barriers, such as clothing and footwear. We also hear about Grounding when Earthing comes up. The two can be confused.  Grounding is balancing an electrical current, while Earthing is releasing the energetic imbalance sustained from absorbing EMF’s.   

What are EMFs exactly?  An electromagnetic frequency is an expression of energy that is measured in cycles per second.  EMFs are caused by charged particles and transport energy.  They are found near electronic appliances, computers and power lines. The low to mid frequency EMF’s, found around power lines, appliances, and light, are not damaging to DNA. (The effects of EMFs on children is still under examination due to conflicting studies.)  

However, high frequency EMFs may result in damage that includes single and double strand breaks and crosslinks. EMFs can trigger oxidative stress. In clinical studies, rat brain cells exposed to high frequency EMF’s showed evidence of compromised DNA strands. Science aside, there is also an emotional aspect of grounding. Excess emotional energy can be released via grounding as well. Earthing and grounding work well for anyone feeling stressed, rushed, triggered, regressed, panicked, or overwhelmed. Touching base with the physical Earth can break the cycle of persistent, negative emotions. 

We live in a world where inorganic, man-made inorganic technology is evolving quickly to  improve the quality of life on our planet.  It’s easy to forget that humans have lived and thrived on the planet for millions of years without modern  technology.  To celebrate my innate connection with nature, I kicked off my socks and shoes and walked through my patchy lawn.  Brown, rich soil peeked through patches of new grass, sprinkled with Dandelion clocks,  bugs and beetles going about their day.  The ground was warm and comforting. With the sun on my back, I decided to take full advantage of the current conditions and lay down upon the ground.  It felt wonderful and relaxing.  I felt the tension from shoulders and neck release and my head clear.  My heartbeat slowed down and I took deep breaths of the fresh air and earth.  My mind began to drift and enjoy the physical release and pleasure. I released all thoughts of scientific studies.  I focused on the good feelings that were washing over me. I realized that this spiritual state was something that couldn’t be measured or codified. I was simply in the here and now, as I was created.

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