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COVID-19, and Everything Else

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all well in the midst of what’s going on. What a time to be alive.

First off, sending protection, clarity, and peace to everyone. I pray we’re feeling more settled, and that we’ve gotten some rest and recuperation over the last couple weeks.

Thank you to all the tirelessly laboring social workers, healers, medical professionals, volunteers, and community workers on the front lines of this crisis.

Deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those that have passed during this time. May you move through your chapter of grief with healing and re-connection.

Blessings to everyone whose lives are deeply affected, especially the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, the immuno-compromised, the ones struggling with anxiety or depression or apathy, and all the little ones whose lives are now just sprouting. Strength, courage, and guidance to you all.

Now, there is no need to reiterate what’s been circulating in mainstream media about the COVID-19 coronavirus. I’m sure we’ve all had more than enough.

But because of its vast repercussions, it’s important to look at the different perspectives, thoroughly investigate the data, and draw our own informed conclusions.

Here are just a few of the perspectives out there:

  • There is a highly contagious virus that originated in China and has spread to the rest of the world. It is now a pandemic.
  • There is no virus at all. It’s a conspiracy to enact a globalist regime to control the masses through fear, hysteria, technology, and medicine.
  • The virus originated organically, and was transferred from animals to humans.
  • The virus was manufactured in the U.S., has a patent, and was intentionally planted in China.
  • There is a highly contagious virus, but it’s no more dangerous than the seasonal flu.
  • The virus is real, but it’s more deadly because everyone’s immune systems are slowly getting weaker due to toxic radiation from the growing number of 5G cellular towers.

Regardless of whether we believe any or all of these things, the following effects are very real:

Social : We are physically isolated on a mass scale. We are finding out what relationships really mean, creating new ways to connect with one another, discovering the reality of human needs and emotions, and exploring what we deeply value.

Psychological: Our subconscious is investigating our social dynamics, as well as the stuff inside our own minds. Because of the prolonged social isolation and the lack of certainty about our future, many of us may be feeling more paranoid, anxious, depressed, or complacent. Others might feel happier, more rested and creative. Some of us are experiencing a rise in xenophobia, and most of us are questioning our trust in economic, government, and health systems.

Economic: Small businesses, religious institutions, schools, social events, and some government entities have either shut down completely or have moved to a virtual setting. This has shocked our economic system, led to millions of lay-offs, and decimated most of the opportunities to earn a living for independent contractors, gig workers, small businesses, and self-employed individuals.

Political: There’s a push for less polarization in the U.S.’s increasingly bi-partisan system. Liberals, conservatives, radicals, centrists, and patriots can all agree that there is a common, perhaps invisible enemy, and that to combat it we need to look past our differences and act against the shared threat.

In addition to these real life effects, some of us might be wondering what’s been happening behind the scenes during, and leading up to, the pandemic.

Below are Factual Events and Information, with links to references, that may address some of the deeper questions. I encourage you not to draw conclusions just yet, even as you notice uncanny coincidences. Simply absorb the information at first. What we want is free access to knowledge that invariably affects our lives. What we are calling for is complete transparency from our world leaders. Please read carefully.


The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

A simulation of a global pandemic called Event 201 was led by Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum on October 18, 2019, just a couple months before the COVID-19 coronavirus emerged. The Story proposed in this simulation was that a new coronavirus spread from healthy pigs to farmers, and eventually to the rest of the world. The symptoms of this hypothetical illness ranges from flu-like symptoms to severe pneumonia. The virus is labeled a “novel coronavirus”, and that at its worst the illness causes a respiratory syndrome called CAPS, or Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome.

Wuhan Military Games

Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands

The Event 201 simulation occurred on the first day that the Military World Games happened in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of COVID-19. The Military World Games is a sporting event that aims to advance world peace without political or private-interest motives. Residents of Wuhan were protesting before the games, and many reported that people’s homes, businesses, and places of worship were negatively affected.

Pandemic Predictions

The Rockefeller Foundation published a white paper in 2010 called Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. It talks about hypothetical future scenarios of a worldwide pandemic.

The first of 4 scenarios is called “Lock Step”. It illustrates a future in which the Chinese government forces a mandatory quarantine for its citizens, justified as a necessary measure to ensure the health and safety of everyone. It goes on to describe governments around the world having a tighter grip on every aspect of social interaction, stringent limits on travel, fMRI scanners at airports to detect “antisocial” intent, unlimited policing of the internet, and drastic limitations on personal freedoms.

U.S. Stay-at-home Orders and Information Suppression

The New York Times

As of 4/8/2020, there are stay-at-home orders in at least 42 states and 3 territories, affecting over 310 million people in the United States. This means that the quarantine is virtually nationwide at this point. However, last month there were media efforts “factchecking” against rumors that a nationwide quarantine will take effect, essentially counteracting information that hinted at what is now actually taking place. Even as recently as 3/30, President Donald Trump stated that a nationwide quarantine is highly unlikely.

There continues to be conflicting information between independent media sources and mainstream outlets. Mainstream media sources are stating that hospitals are overrun with COVID-19 patients. In contrast, thousands of individuals are uploading footage showing empty test centers and quietly vacant hospitals.


The EARN IT bill would make end-to-end encryption practices a legal liability and incentivize companies against it. This means that data privacy and security of any email, phone, or other forms of digital communication between any and all individuals would be compromised. The justification for this bill is to help prevent child trafficking and exploitation. The bill would allow legal authority for constant, real time surveillance of any and all persons, similar to the Patriot Act that George W. Bush passed after 9-11, which was then justified to strengthen our democracy and protect against terrorist attacks.


Similar to the EARN IT act, safety and security are posed as primary justifications for a globalized, mandated form of digital ID that stays with you from birth to death. This would allow the overseers of this technology the potential for unlimited surveillance, control, and access to people’s private data and identity. This proposal is called ID2020. The author Yuval Noah Harris wrote a compelling article about potential ramifications of this.


In order for the global digital identity and surveillance to work, a worldwide grid of ultra-speed wireless frequencies must be built. This is called 5G.

Health Concerns of Electromagnetic Radiation

5G frequencies are a type of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation.

This CIA report outlines the health risks of electromagnetic radiation in general.

This website contains appeals from many peer-reviewed scientists in over 40 different countries to international organizations like the U.N. and the W.H.O. urging against the construction of electromagnetic radiation emitting wireless technologies.

Several countries have either banned or delayed production of 5G technology. Whether 5G technology is safe or not is yet to be determined. Until there is confirmation, it is unwise to implement such technology on a mass scale.

Lawsuit against Top tech companies and World leaders

Following the hasty approval and misuse of potentially inhumane applications of technology, the founder and CEO of The AI Organization and Loyal Guardian Security, Cryus A. Parsa, filed a mega lawsuit against top tech companies, politicians, and others, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Rockefeller Foundation, and Huawei.

The defendants are charged with the misuse of high level technologies that have led to various crimes against humanity, including but not limited to rape, torture, human trafficking, and organ harvesting. The lawsuit can be found here.

Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030

In 1992, the U.N. proposed a comprehensive plan for global control affecting every major aspect of human life. It vows to make the world more sustainable by giving the government full authority to limit human activities that are deemed harmful to the environment. Here is the actual document.

The new Plan is called Agenda 2030. It is filled with well-written humanitarian goals, building upon Agenda 21. To achieve these goals, they would appoint a centralized government with authoritarian control over the world’s citizens and affairs.

Now, to put the last bits of information into context, below are two examples of what happened when we attempted population control strategies in the name of social progress. This is not to say that globalization strategies are all bad. It is merely to caution against doctrine that justifies controlling the fate of others at any cost:

The Eugenics Movement and Sterilization

Wikimedia Commons

Eugenics and sterilization efforts have decimated many thousands of lives in the past century. These atrocities were enacted on the belief that “the socially unfit” should not be given the right to reproduce, and even killed. And when these ideologies are radicalized, it provides justification for even greater tragedies, like Nazi physicians euthanizing patients in WWII and beyond.

Coming back to the present, let’s keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic came off the heels of worldwide protests and internal corruption being exposed in the U.S. and around the world.

And finally, to tie it all together, here are the actual numbers of COVID-19 incidences and deaths, as well as figures for other diseases:

COVID-19 incidences as of 4/15/2020 : 2,084,744
COVID-19 deaths as of 4/15/2020 : 134,685
Death rate of COVID-19 as of 4/15/2020 : 0.06%

Here are the numbers of deaths from other diseases or causes in 2020:

Cancer deaths in 2020 as of 4/15/2020: 2,384,419
Smoking-related deaths in 2020 as of 4/15/2020: 1,451,348
Alcohol-related deaths in 2020 as of 4/15/2020: 726,133
Seasonal flu deaths in 2020 as of 4/15/2020: 141,213
Road traffic deaths in 2020 as of 4/15/2020: 391,912
Suicides in 2020 as of 4/8/2020: 311,332


Now, none of the information above is meant to create more fear or confusion. It is simply information that each individual is encouraged to digest, reflect on, and eventually make their own conclusion. Mass hysteria is not helpful in any way. However, ignorance and complacency is equally unhelpful.

If most of this information is new to any of us, it will necessarily be difficult to wrestle with. Take time to let it settle. Cognitive dissonance is a natural response to information that impacts our deeply-rooted beliefs. Let the process flow naturally. More discernment and clarity will come soon.

Like with anything in life, balance is key. Let us stay aware and vigilant about what’s going on, but also remain positive, connected to community in a safe way, and practice kindness whenever possible.

That last part is especially important as each of us go through this period of Collective Shadow Work.

Collective Shadow Work means we are called to slow down, reflect on what’s most meaningful in life, practice cooperation and altruism, think critically about why things are the way they are, and see how illusory some of our ideas of security, success, and “truth” have become.

And what happens when more people do this?

Well, we begin to see some of the worst corruption on our planet begin to surface and be brought to light:

At least a couple key players in human trafficking and pedophilia rings have been charged and arrested. There will be more to come, and we must learn how to heal the darkest malaise in our society in the most conscious, informed way. Inhumane systems are collapsing right in front of our eyes as we see the stock market, international trade, and world economy suffer. The frailty of our nation’s health and political systems have been exposed.

In light of all this, we will demand better access to our most basic resources: air, food, water, housing, and trustworthy information. And we further demand that these things are not contaminated, or attached to anything that wantonly limits our freedom, security, or privacy.

So let us take care of ourselves extra well during this time. Our immune response is controlled by our nervous system, which is controlled by our mind, which is ultimately controlled by our thoughts and beliefs. Too much stress causes an imbalanced immune system, which ultimately leads to disease and disorder. How each of us cares for our body and mind also impacts the collective immune response of the world. We are all connected, and each of our actions matter more during times like these.

I pray we all stay healthy, and remain vigilant about the ideas and illusions spreading across the world. Let us be diligent about the search for truth, holding peace and clarity as we march forth into the next chapters of humanity…

Stay lucid, my beautiful friends.

6 thoughts on “COVID-19, and Everything Else”

  1. Thank you JaspR for this erudite view the from 35,000 feet. Learning of the successful curbing of inhumane corruption is heartening indeed. Your global critical appraisal situates me in a more informed stance than an hour ago. When the uncertainties are elucidated one by one we will be better positioned to prepare for the next mutated version of Covid-19

    “A clenched fist or an open palm waiting to receive, for we meet adversity and illness by one or the other.”-Carl Sandberg.
    However as Rodin’s Prodigal (Balboa Park) shows we may be both; ambivalent and ambidextrous in our stances. Many of us have experienced unprecedented community and care by strangers. Others have sadly lost loved ones, jobs and purpose. May we look back to see we have stood in solidarity though difficult times.
    Health, happiness and harmony for us and ours.

  2. Absolutely agree about the need for transparency. Unfortunately, I think the issue remains even with full transparency of information due to information overload, disinformation campaigns and insane amount of marketing messaging and propaganda out there. It’s impossible to know what is true these days without being an expert on the subject yourself. And experts can easily be incentivized to distort truth. We shouldn’t trust anything at first glance without doing due diligence, but we just don’t have enough hours in the day to really make sense of everything.

    “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” – Isaac Asimov

    Love your comment on “Collective Shadow Work.” Current events are helping confirm to me how ridiculous this world is. How ineffective many of our leaders are. The amount of fear and hate we hold on to. The insane amount of abuses going on. The focus on $$$. It’s also helping me reconnect with friends and family and rediscover my creative passions. For this, I’m grateful.

  3. Thanks for this expression let out to the universe. It’s interesting that COVID-19 is represented in media as a respiratory virus that quickly ends human life through a rapid manifestation of dis-ease that may overwhelm some humans and not others. More interesting is the division we see in values through our society; that economics and human life continue in duality. Thank you for fine tuning “google brain” and presenting a non-bias look at several other factors that are also corresponding in the same timeline as COVID-19, offering an opportunity for each to examine our society and the roles we play within it. I appreciate your approaches towards a review and remembrance of applied eugenics, as well as group-think mentality and the dangers that lurk in these practices. The kryptonite to such dangers – self examination, communication, activity. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to put this beautifully written package together. I will be sharing this! Many Thanks! Bless you.

  5. This is one of the more clear and not in-your-face articles I’ve read about the Covid-19 situation. I’m not generally one to dig deep into things beyond what I know from my own first-hand experience, but I feel this article helps elucidate some very fascinating connections occurring in our world today.


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