Listening Circles

Kaiyros Inc., Expressive Technology Coalition, and Santa Monica Mediamakers are hosting an experiential community discussion where diverse voices from all walks of life can come together in unison to discuss how to create a better community for all.

This event serves as a commitment to advancing equity of community members from all races, genders, creeds, backgrounds, and socioeconomic strata.

Topics will include:

  • Mental and Physical Health
  • Strengthening the Community by Celebrating Diverse Individual Experiences
  • Economic Reform through Media and Media Education
  • Homelessness and Multifaceted Compassion
  • Cultural Celebrations and Inclusivity
  • Trauma-informed training of individuals and groups
  • Rebuilding Community Systems through Radical Honesty and Courage
  • Honoring multiple intelligences, skills, neurodiversity, and perspectives
  • Healing Historical Harms
  • Culmination of Event through a Heart Circle Ceremony

Snacks and coffee provided!

Complimentary portraits/headshots for all who are interested!!

Free parking in lots on Pico Blvd and Virginia Avenue.

Once you reach the park, we will be across from the bathrooms, opposite the basketball courts.

See you all there!

*This event is sponsored by the City of Santa Monica.

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