A Handbook for the Curious Heart: Curiosities; Insights, and Thoughtful Prose 

A Certain Kind of Longing …  Relationships of Scale  Nothing is intrinsically right or wrong for everything in place in this world has a place in this world. It is to all things, and our relationship to them on the scale of their attributes, that speaks of a far deeper truth than can be revealed … Continue Reading

The Final Limit of Self-Discovery (Hello, Weird World)

There are the times when every fiber of my being is challenged beyond its normal container, stretched and emaciated like the clear yyut  candy I used to enjoy as a kid during my month-long trips to the outskirts of Seoul. In those moments we may revel as two people join hands and dive into their co-created … Continue Reading


Who has time to read letters anymore? Who has the audacity to really delve into the crevices of another’s soul?  I’ve been asking these questions to myself recently. Lately, I had forgotten the essence of why I had started these letters in the first place.  I realize I hadn’t sent anything out in a while … Continue Reading

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