mended with gold

Depression: A coiled snake waiting to strike at the smallest disturbance.   I have worked hard over the years to learn how to manage this “snake” with coping mechanisms and awareness, ​​​​but it always seems to be there, lurking. My struggles might not seem prevalent at times, but are always relevant. ​​The darkness has ironically become … Continue Reading

Boredom : what is the root?

We’ve all experienced boredom at one point or another, whether for a night or a repetitive pattern in our lives. According to Oxford Languages, boredom is defined as feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity. You may accept boredom as a part of life but have you ever questioned … Continue Reading

remember the why: starting new habits and sticking to them

I heard the term “habit stacking” recently and it made me reflect on why new habits can be so hard to keep and what we can do to hold ourselves accountable. Gyms are packed at the start of a new year with people who made the resolution to start working out more–but in most cases, … Continue Reading

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