This is a conversation about what it means to be Human…


Kaiyros is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that enhances and expands mental health awareness, provides custom access to mental health resources, and helps foster the creative and ethical expression of all people.

Kaiyros is an evolving network of mental health, creative, and community resources, experiences, and services. We derive inspiration from psychology, personal reflections, philosophy, wisdom traditions, culture, art, media, and design. Our intention is to help people live freely and meaningfully. Kaiyros has 3 main pillars:

kaiyros : publications

Articles, audio content, and videos crafted to help us understand ourselves, others, and humanity at large. Due to the expansive range of topics covered, kaiyros : publications has its own About Page.

kaiyros : experiences

Live and virtual events, immersive experiences, and workshops designed to build community and provide top-quality experiences on healing, self-mastery, and creative expression.

kaiyros : habitat

Coming 2025.

The concept of Kaiyros is derived from the ancient Greek word καιρός, which creatively translates to “the defining moment of opportunity.”

Kaiyros represents the quality of time that cannot be measured by the mind. Rather, it is the ever-arriving moment of awareness, the infinitely opening and closing window of opportunity…

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