A Handbook for the Curious Heart: Curiosities; Insights, and Thoughtful Prose 

A Certain Kind of Longing … 

Relationships of Scale 

Nothing is intrinsically right or wrong for everything in place in this world has a place in this world. It is to all things, and our relationship to them on the scale of their attributes, that speaks of a far deeper truth than can be revealed at face value. 

Objectivity of Mind 

Learning to detach yourself emotionally in order to observe a situation objectively is the path to clarity and self-understanding. When emotions get in the way there is little room for anything else. 


We crave the sun when being asked to grow. We crave the dark when the sun has asked too much to grow. We crave the rain when saturated by sun and the sun when saturated by rain. 

The Nature of Accidents 

One cannot avoid the consequences of living. One must at times walk through the flames of transformation in order to make it through to the other side. There are no shortcuts, for it is the fire that burns inside each one of us that ignites the light of knowing within. 

Book of Time 

You are the words on the page in the Book of Time. 

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