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humans glow: auras, bioluminescence, and the emanating light

TL;DR I watched my friend as she performed upon the Broadway stage. Her scene took place in complete darkness, all lights extinguished for dramatic effect. The interesting thing was that I could still see her face. It seemed as if her face was glowing and emitting low beams of light. … More

On Life On Life

An open love letter to healthcare professionals

TL;DR As a lifelong beneficiary, it’s a privilege to contribute to healthcare improvements. I seek to encourage students, mentors, and educators with my wholehearted gratitude and affirmation that your work is sacred. We hope conversations with patient partners strengthen your devotion to caring for people. In turn, we receive fulfillment … More

360 Mental Health 360 Mental Health

The empathy-psychopathy spectrum

Putting oneself in the shoes of another comes easily to most of us. We cry at projected images of rustic peoples who have just lost their homes to natural disasters; feel anger and resentment for minorities being discriminated against because of their race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or gender; and … More

Self Mastery Self Mastery

invalidation, and remembering your truth

We’ve likely all heard these words when we’ve expressed vulnerable emotions to someone… “You’re being too sensitive.” “Get over it.” “I don’t remember that happening, so it must not have been that bad.” Whether it’s said by a partner, friend, parent, boss, or even a stranger on the internet, when … More

Self Mastery Self Mastery

dealing with criticism

Criticism, the disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes, can be so damaging that it can be considered a cancer in the mind.This cancer of criticism can launch different thought processes that initiate stress reactions and negatively impact both mental and physical health. We all are … More

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the dreaming self

Time has revealed dream phenomena as paradoxical realms that are highly resistant to empirical investigation. Dreams fascinate, mesmerize us, and pique our curiosity, namely because they appear so diametrically opposed to waking life.  They violate the laws of physics without shame. And despite attempts to probe, encroach upon, uncover, and … More

the path forward

    When we come across a change in our life direction, we may be facing a new path altogether leading back toward the heart/mind of our Higher Consciousness. This is the point where the gap between our two planes of consciousness separates: Consciousness of Form and Consciousness of Energy (your Higher … More

    beating burnout through self-nourishment

    Burnout. Compassion fatigue. Chronic work stress. Vicarious trauma. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Demoralization. Moral distress. Moral injury. Moral compromise. These are all less stigmatizing terms than Adjustment Disorder with depression and/or anxiety. BURNOUT: 1) Exhaustion 2) Mental/emotional detachment from our jobs which have become less rewarding 3) Poorer work … More

    B Corps: a way to keep companies honest or a clever marketing trick?

    With the current waves of social upheaval, more companies are feeling the pressing call to include public transparency, moral fortitude, and environmental accountability into the fabric of their business practices. The hope is that enforcing better standards of ethical and effective leadership directly into the structure of the organization will … More

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